iContact Review & Promo Code
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iContact Review & Promo Code

While writing up our marketing campaign for HomeDelivered.com, I remembered the pain of managing email marketing campaigns in the past. Huge spreadsheets that take ages to load, lost data, emails getting trapped in almost every spam inbox - overall low effectiveness and alot of time wasted. That's why I signed up for iContact this time around. Its the most popular email marketing management system, and I can see why. It only took me minutes to get it up and running and now my email marketing campaigns are running smoothly, almost on auto-pilot. Oh, and our leads and conversions WAY up as a result. No complaints there.   

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How much more so on the web?  Webmasters need to stay in contact with their visitors.  How else will a business owner let consumers know they have a special, offer a unique competitive advantage, or employ only human employees?  They use email of course!  But who wants to focus on an email newsletter, circular, or promotion?  Once business owners on the web see the price is right, the advantages of handling the task differently than how it is now ring so clear. This is where iContact.com comes into play. iContact is a service that lets you manage email lists and manage marketing campaigns to your customers and potential ones. I've used the service for several months, and here's what I've found.

Here's what I found out about iContact:

1)  When it comes to deliverability, and reliability, no other service touches the power of iContact.com.  Most major servers have messages from iContact.com white-listed because of reputation and relationships within the business community.  Unlike questionable spam servers it’ll be the rare moment your readers will even need to look for anything in spam.

2)  Once your account is launched, tracking is done easily, thanks to easy to use software included at no extra charge.  Companies watch which campaigns work, and which campaigns, might could use a little re-vamping., and which follow trends to know what works and what doesn’t.

3)  Users are just as welcome to build their own design template, or to any of iContact's 250 easy-to-use templates (view all templates), all included.  This product is even easy on the technically challenged and deserves to be recognized as such.  “User-friendly,” in the dictionary, has iContact’s logo for their picture…or should.

4)  The features of the all-inclusive marketing utility for iContact.com allows users to set up, quickly and easily, a platform to bring the company message without the mind-numbing, and time-sucking labor of building each additional marketing message or offer. 

Of course, other companies might try to offer something like what iContact.com offers, but noone else quite brings anything as easy.  Within hours this system will have anybody’s publication in front of the eyes of the world’s best market.

5)  iContact offers a truly state-of-the-art product that offers the client user the power of tools like surveys, RSS feeds, and auto responders, all in one simple to operate package.  Sophistication doesn’t normally come packaged in such an easy to use format for such a low price.   Getting the tools in an all-inclusive package such as this makes saving money easy. 

This feature alone offers users the benefit of “only buying the bacon…but getting the whole hog.”

6)  iContact.com is supportive of partnership relationships with their clients, as well as, capable of handling large volume clients.  If the customer list exceeds 100,000 + subscribers they have a special pricing structure to save their large volume clients money. 

Smaller volume clients are still thoroughly supported.  No customer is unimportant.

7)  It’s easy!  iContact.com support makes their product the easiest service of it’s type to be found on the internet today.  Businesses that enjoy iContact.com’s world class support and service are keeping in touch with their customer base, and enjoying the resulting increased/stabilized business from it, without the extra stress of a difficult or confusing program. 

When a client does find themselves having questions someone is there to help, but for the most part, the product itself is a lot easier to use than many of it‘s higher-priced competitors.. 

Business has enough headaches as it is, and while most business owners are willing to increase their own personal workload to make the company a success, isn’t it nice to know that a service like iContact.com is there to make something so important so much easier?

Verdict / Summary: 

iContact.com offers what does, in fact, appear to be the most inclusive, multi-tool that any webmaster could hope for.  The price is top notch too.  Visit http://www.IContact.com right now to see what they’ll offer you on a 15 day free trial.  Done properly, with support of the iContact.com staff, the increased sales volumes will justify the tiny investment.

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